Monday, October 22, 2012


Welcome to my photography gallery!

The various page links across the top of this blog are like rooms in my mind... action shots, landscapes, etc.  I probably won't be adding to many new blog posts, but I will be updating each page with new photos fairly regularly.  So please keep checking back!

I work out of Salida, Colorado, and as you might notice, most of my work involves rivers or water to some degree.  My passion is being on the river.  If I'm not running a river in my kayak or on a raft, I'm thinking, planning, and dreaming of how to end up on the water soon.  What I love about river running is the amazing places that the river takes you.  I've been down in gorges, cracks in the earth, and various water-filled holes that one could never get to without a river craft.  It is this journey that first inspired me to carry a camera and I hope that some of the love and awe that I experience every time I'm on the water comes though for you here.

Also, if you are interested in things river related, please take a look the other blog I maintain: The RiverVibe Review.  It's an exploration of gear and techniques that I use in my river life.